Visiting La Jolla? Here are my favorite things to do!

Beautiful La Jolla

While out visiting my sister in California we got in touch with a dive shop down in La Jolla and decided to go diving with them. (By the way, this is pronounced La Hoy-ya, not Jolla like we were saying. Sigh.) We  we’re scheduled to meet with the dive master at La Jolla beach at 6 AM one morning.

The rough waves at La Jolla beach
Looking down to the left of the beach

How we got dumped by our divemaster 😢

We get a phone call from him at about 530 saying that he was already at the beach and at the water did not look good. That was a huge bummer since that was one of the main things we were going out there to do. We got to the beach and agreed that the waves were  probably a little too rough for divers. However, the surfers were having a field day that day.

We gave it about an hour to calm down and when it didn’t we decided to part ways, take a refund and try to salvage our day. Now we had to find six hours to kill before my sister and nephew were meeting us for lunch.

Can you say ADORABLE sea lions?

Obviously since I missed my opportunity to dive with the sea lions I needed to see them in real life. As we were walking over to La Jolla Cove we came across 30 or 40 of them sun tanning on some rocks. I must warn you these are not the cute little fluffy sea lions you see barking at people in movies. These were angry biting not wanting to be touched or messed with it anyway sea lions. Our motto is ‘don’t touch and take only pictures’ we abide by that strictly. There are also signs everywhere saying please don’t touch the sea lions as you will get bit.

They don’t look so mean now do they?

Jumping off the cliffs

Just kidding. While the water looked inviting it was also icy cold in the class were high and covered and see lines. La Jolla Cove is a really pretty cove that sticks out from the beach. They’ve turned the area into a park that is just absolutely beautiful.  We spent a good part of our day here just walking around looking at the trees looking at the beach and looking at the water. From the cove you can see the UCSD Campus across the water.

The view of the cove from where we found the first sea lions.
UC San Diego campus
Welcome sign
Lots of sea lions below
Stunning blue water
More gorgeous water

Of course, there were more sea lions over here too.

Cute little guy
Secret little beach below
More sea lions sunbathing
These guys could care less that people were there
How I feel most mornings…
My favorite. He posed for many pictures!
One of the many trees in the park

Now onto shopping!

Since we still had an adjusted to the time change at 9 AM we were starving for lunch. We walked past a cute little café that advertised champagne spritzers and we decided to sit down and have some. We ordered the spritzers and some salads and looked around the area we were in. There were tons of shops and stores but the biggest thing that I noticed was that every place was dog friendly.

When the waiter came back with our drinks I got a complex and assured him that we were from the East Coast and we really were not drinking alcohol at 9 o’clock in the morning for the fun of it. He opened up a sweatshirt and had on an ‘it’s 5 o’clock somewhere’ Jimmy Buffett shirt underneath; we knew we were good. The spritzers and the salads were amazing.

After lunch we just bummed around stopping in a couple of stores here and there, looking around just enjoying the day. At every store there is a hook outside to hook up your dog. All the doors are open a lot of the windows are open too so that you can keep an eye on them. It’s really very different from what I’m used to around home.

Finishing up and heading on to the next adventure.

We  walked and walked for hours until my sister got there around 1 o’clock. We showed her around the cove a little bit and then decided to leave and head up to Oceanside for lunch so that we could meet up with my brother-in-law.

Even though our day was sort of messed up at first not being able to dive we ended up having a really nice time just exploring La Jolla and seeing all that it has to offer.


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10 thoughts on “Visiting La Jolla? Here are my favorite things to do!

  1. Love the photos! I’d love to visit here after reading your review. That’s too bad you didn’t get to go diving. But glad you got to see the seals! I didn’t know that was their temperament! Your pics say ‘I’m cute and snuggly’ 🙂

  2. we are going to california at the end of the summer, I cant wait! I want to surf (i dont dive) my kids would love the sea lions too! Funny story about the sprtizers and the 5 o’clock somewhere T!

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