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Top 10 Things to do on Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is a small island about 15 minutes off the coast of Cancun, Mexico. It’s beautiful beaches, crystal clear water and friendly locals make it a top destination in Mexico. Here are our favorite things to do when on Isla. Mexitan Biodegradable sunscreen is our favorite.

Spend the day on Playa Norte

Playa Norte is the beach on the northernmost part of the island.  The beach has pristine, white sand and the water is a clear turquoise. There are several restaurants along the beach to grab a snack or eat dinner. Remember, to protect the fragile reef system and animal life please use biodegradable sunscreen. Order Mexitan biodegradable sunscreen here.

Visit Hildago Street


Hildago Street is one of our favorite places on the island. The street is completely closed off to vehicles. It is packed with stores, shops, stands, restaurants and bars. There is so much going on, you can easily spend hours here. Every restaurant is great; you can get everything fro ice cream to tequila.

Go to Punta Sur

Punta Sur is the southern most point of the island. There is a partial set of old Mayan ruins, some newer sculptures, and view that can’t be beaten. It’s best visited on a windy day because the water is choppier and splashed against the rocks creating beautiful pictures. They also have a gift shop, a couple of restaurants and lots of places for pictures.

Scuba Dive/Snorkel

Isla is at the very end of the mesoamerican reef, the second largest reef in the world. The diving and snorkeling here are amazing.  What’s unique about Isla is that there is an underwater sculpture garden. There are statues of people, cars, and animals that serve as an artificial reef coral and fish. It’s a shallow dive, great for beginners and easily seen when snorkeling. Biodegradable sunscreen is required for these activities.

Swim with the Whale Sharks

From late May through September, whale sharks are migrating through the area. The gentle fish are the largest in the ocean and can reach sizes of 40 feet long. Each whale shark has a unique pattern of spots. Make sure you find a certified operator to take you; this ensures that they are following the requirements to keep the fish safe. Click here to book. Biodegradable sunscreen is a must for this activity as well.

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Garrafon Natural Reef Park

There is so much to do at this park! You can swim, snorkel or ride a zipline into the turquoise water. You can kayak, hike or sunbathe. The water and the views are gorgeous and you can enjoy them while eating at the oceanside restaurant.  There are several packages available making it affordable for anyone. The park requires biodegradable sunscreen here.

Rent a golf cart and explore the island

The island is safe and small, about 5 miles long and easily explored on a golf cart. There are great places to stop along the island to site see or take pictures. On the eastern side of the island, the water is rougher and there are lots of beaches where sea shells are plentiful. The road around the island goes in a big circle, so it’s easy to navigate. Please be responsible, don’t drink and drive; it is against the law here, even in a golf cart.

El Centro

El centro is a great place to shop and eat. El centro surround Hildago, so you can combine the two.  There is everything from fine jewelry stores to roadside stands; everyone can find something to take back home.

Walk the Malecon

El Malecon, or the east Malecon, is the perfect place for a morning walk to watch the sunrise. The Malecon starts at the north end of town an continues past the south end of town.

Turtle Farm

Located on the southwest end of the island, the turtle farm is fun for both children and adults. You can learn about turtles and see the fish, seahorses and baby turtles housed here.  At certain times of the year, you might even catch some hatching turtle eggs!

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