Scuba Diving, St. Lucia

Three days of Scuba diving in St. Lucia

We did three days of diving with Dive saint Lucia in Rodney Bay. When we first got to the dive shop, we were blown away.  Most dive shops are old and small. Dive Saint Lucia is brand new and massive.  The owners are from South Africa and moved to St. Lucia when they came to dive and fell in love with the island.  We immediately felt welcomed and in awe of their shop.

I can’t believe I have no pictures of the front of the shop! This is the back, from the boat dock. Inside they have an enormous pool for training as well as several classrooms. We did our Nitrox certification here. It was quick and easy. Marcel, the owner kept us after diving one afternoon and completed it for us. If you get headaches while diving, this may be your answer.  It completely got rid of mine and now I never want to dive without it.

The boats they have are brand new, clean barefoot boats. They have plenty of room to hold both divers and snorkelers comfortably.


We dove at several dive sites over the course of 3 days.  We did a total of 12 dives with them. Each one was my favorite until I did the next.  The dive sites are completely different than Cozumel’s reef. No better or worse, just good in its own way.

We dove Turtle Reef, Anse Chastanet Reef, Fairy Land, Pinnacles, Trou Diable, Piton Wall, Anse La Raye Wall, Anse Couchon and the Lesleen M wreck. A few we dove twice, just separate sections of it. My absolute favorites were the Lesleen M shipwreck and the Piton Wall. The topography of the ocean floor was different than I had ever seen because of the volcanos.



Pictures from the Lesleen M. Shipwreck

Check out the video here.



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