Snorkeling at Sugar Beach, St. Lucia

Snorkeling at Sugar Beach in St. Lucia and a view of the Pitons

While out with our guide Nickey for the day, the last thing we did before driving back to the resort was to go snorkel at Sugar Beach Resort. Sugar Beach is a beautiful 5-star resort located between the pitons. The view from their beach was my favorite on the entire island.

The sign at the top of the hill leading to the resort and our cart driving us down.

The view of Gros Piton from the road leading to the resort.

Views of Petit Piton from the beach

There are places to change and lots of beach chairs. Nickey promised to watch our stuff and told us to take our time.

Words can’t even describe how beautiful this place was. This is the best view ever after coming our of the water.

The water here was clear and shallow; it was like being in a fish tank.

Beautiful clear water. We also followed a school of squid for about 15 minutes. Watching them was fascinating, but of course, both cameras were dead at that point.

After leaving Sugar Beach, Nickey took us to get some shots of the Pitons.

Gros Piton lookout point.

Stunning views of the Pitons from the rainforest.

Some pictures of the rainforest as we drove through.

Last stop on out trip, Marigot Bay at sunset.

We had a fantastic day exploring the island. See my other posts here.


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1 thought on “Snorkeling at Sugar Beach in St. Lucia and a view of the Pitons

  1. We went here on our honeymoon and it was absolutely gorgeous! I would go back in a heartbeat. We didn’t snorkel at Sugar Beach but we did tour the island and Pitons before going on a Catamaran and snorkeling off the shore. Reading this brought back some great memories. Thank you!

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