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Snorkeling and diving with Aqua Adventures Eco Divers in Isla Mujeres

Aqua Adventures Eco Divers

Jim Silver, the owner of Aqua Adventures Eco Divers bought the struggling PADI dive shop 5 years ago. We met him about a year into his journey and quickly became friends.

On our first trip to Isla Mujeres, we dove with him and also got our Advanced Open Water certification with him. We had such a great time and promised we’d return with the kids. I’m sure he just nodded and thought, ‘everyone says that’. We returned again and again and again. We brought the kids and the parents for diving, snorkeling, and whale shark tours. He’s never getting rid of us!

He hosted us for this trip, not only in his home but at his shop.  We feel like family every time we see him.  He graciously offered us a huge discount on our activities in exchange for this post, however, everything I am about to tell you, I would say even if he charged us double!

The Dive Shop

Aqua Adventures Eco Divers offers a full range of activities for snorkelers, divers and swimmers. There is a fun activity for literally everyone in the family to enjoy.

It is located on the North end of the island, on Juarez St, approximately 1 block away from the ferry. It’s really easy to find. It’s marked with a dive flag and the shop name.

I can’t stress enough that it is required by most operators in the area to use a biodegradable sunscreen.  Keep the water, reef, and animals safe for years to come. My favorite is the Stream2Sea line.

Juarez St
Dive Shop Entrance


Aqua Adventures Eco Divers offers a full range of PADI certified dive classes. Starting as low as a quick resort course all the way through divemaster training, there is something for all levels. Isla Mujeres offers a range of dive sites including the world famous MUSA, an underwater artificial reef museum. This is a shallow dive that even a beginner can handle with ease.

Dive boat

There are also more challenging sites with swim-throughs and ship wrecks. Our favorite site is bridges and holes. It’s filled with life and lots of swim-throughs. Night dives are also offered. Whatever your level, Jim and his staff can accommodate you.

Rental equipment is available for a fee. You can bring a few things and rent the rest, or simply rent it all.

*Note- there are no Nitrox (EAN) filling stations on the island. Everyone dives with air.


Snorkelers are welcome on any dive boat with Aqua Adventures Eco Divers. When we dove, our 2 non-diving kids snorkeled right above us. The snorkelers have their own guide that will point out all the best underwater sights. Have a big group? You can do a snorkel only tour.

You can also rent gear for this.  Fins, masks and snorkels and either a shortie wetsuit or a life jacket is required.

The kids snorkeling above us

Whale sharks

Whale sharks are a huge deal in Isla Mujeres. The entire island promotes and protects these beautiful animals. There are very strict Mexican laws governing how people can interact with the whale sharks. It is extremely important to make sure you book a tour with a licensed whale shark tour operator.

Whale shark!

The tour boats are limited to 10 guests, a captain, first mate and a guide. It’s approximately a1-hour ride to where the sharks feed. Snorkelers enter the water 2 at a time with the guide. Most of the time, there is little to no swimming. You put your face in the water and there is the shark!

Huge, beautiful animals

After your tour, you head back to Isla Mujeres and have the option to snorkel and swim at Playa Norte, the most beautiful beach on Isla. You enjoy some fresh ceviche and sandwiches before being taken back to the dock. Plan to be gone all day. The boat leave about 8 am and you will return between 2-3 pm depending on the cooperation of Mother Nature!

Love these animals

If you’re looking for a great, friendly dive shop on the island, I would highly recommend Jim and his team at Aqua Adventures Eco Divers. We took a chance on him 5 years ago and quickly became friends. His crew go above and beyond for their customers each and every time.

No trip to the Island is complete without a trip to see the whale sharks.  Pictures don’t do them justice, they are incredible animals to see up close. If you are ever in the Cancun, Riviera Maya or Isla Mujeres area, please show Jim and his crew some love. Check out the shop, you won’t be disappointed!


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4 thoughts on “Snorkeling and diving with Aqua Adventures Eco Divers in Isla Mujeres

    1. Honestly, I never gave diving a thought until I was about 35. I took the plunge, literally and have never regretted it. The whale sharks are awesome. Indescribable really. Super fun!

  1. When we make it over to the east side of Mexico, we will definitely look into swimming with the whale sharks! It looks amazing and your post has given me tons of comfort that Aqua Adventures would keep me & my family safe!

    1. It’s really a must do. The season is late May through September. Last year we went in June and saw 1. It was really a bummer. This year we went in July and saw 32 at one time. It was amazing. If you go, tell Jim you are a friend of mine and you will get the VIP treatment. I’ll be posting a whale shark specific post very soon!

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