Florida, Keys Diver Snorkel and Scuba

Snorkel trip with Keys Diver Snorkel and Scuba in the famous Molasses Reef

Keys Diver Snorkel and Scuba

We walked into the Keys Diver Snorkel and Scuba on a whim to look at some gear. I can’t say enough good things about this dive shop.  To start with the woman who signed us in is from Pittsburgh win for us 🙂 She was very friendly and helpful and gave us great recommendations for restaurants in the Keys and Sanibel (our next stop after the Keys). We ended up signing up for an extra Snorkel trip that afternoon at the famous Molasses Reef.

The dive shop is located away from their boat, about a 5 min drive. They give you a map and the route from the shop to the boat is highlighted; we found it easily. They provide safe, shaded parking. It’s another 2-minute walk to the pier and the boat is well-marked.

The boat was a good-sized dive boat. There was plenty of room for everyone. We got the standard safety brief and were on our way to Molasses Reef. On the way, the deck hands were engaging and fitted those that needed gear with the proper equipment as well as a brief on how to use it.

(Please excuse the frowny face my son makes in every picture.  That was his 15-year-old rebellion phase he has since outgrown!)

Molasses Reef

The reef was beautiful, definitely our favorite of the trip. The captain was very helpful in pointing everyone in the right direction to find ‘Moe’, the giant grouper. We had about an hour to snorkel. We were lucky and got to see Moe that day. He is a 500(ish) pound grouper that just stares at you.  We saw lots of marine life here including tarpon and turtles. If I had to give a con, it was that the Reef was pretty deep and I was dying to dive down deeper!! The Reef was perfect though, no current, perfect for beginner snorkelers.

We were VERY pleased with our afternoon at Molasses Reef with Keys Diver Snorkel and Scuba.  We would definitely use the again on our next trip to the Keys.


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