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While in Cozumel, we ventured over to Cancun to the adventure park Selvatica.  We are both adrenaline junkies and thought this would be fun. Selvatica is a park that has zip lines, ATVs, cenotes and more. They are a full-service park with plenty of amenities. You only need to bring a change of clothes, bathing suit and a towel. They provide lockers for a small fee, (bring US dollars), lunch and transportation to and from your hotel.

If you are staying in Cozumel or Isla Mujeres, they will pick you up and drop you off at their respective ferry docks.

You can choose several different tours ranging from the ‘Gimme All’ which is an all day tour to something simple like the ATV tour.  We chose the Off Road Polaris tour.  It included 8 ziplines, 7 skywalk bridges, Polaris ATVs and a dip in a crystal clear cenote.

We had an absolute blast.  We were picked up in the morning at the ferry dock in Playa del Carmen and driven about an hour up to the park. We were checked in, given a locker and suited up in our harnesses.  The first thing they do is take you to a common area and given a detailed safety brief on the zip lines.  Then we were divided according to our tours and off we went.

The zip lines were a blast.  I have done them here in the states and they don’t even compare to these.  You soar hundreds of feet off the ground through the jungle.  They even give you the option of going upside down, which of course we did. After the zip lines, we did the skywalk bridges, which are fun but not quite as exciting as the zip lines.  At the end of the bridges, you stop on a platform that you drop off of.  It’s not quite a bungee and not quite rappelling, but it got our hearts pumping. We were really impressed with their attention to detail and safety.  We were always secured and they learned our names and used them.


Next, you head back to the main area, take off your harnesses and change into your bathing suits.  You are loaded up in an open air bus and head over to the ATVs, about a 20 min drive during which you experience a ‘Mexican Massage’ or really bumpy road 🙂

At the ATVs, you are given a brief safety brief, a pair of goggles and a mask.  Off we went.  When we were there, it was dry and dusty and we were super thankful for the face protection.  About halfway through they stop so you can switch drivers if you wish.


After you are good and dirty from the ATV, you head over to the cenote.  You have the option of walking down the stairs to enter, use the zip line or jump off the platform.  If you are young and healthy, they WILL make fun of you if you choose the steps.  The zip line is fun, it has a dead stop halfway down that you can do a flip into the water. Jumping off the platform was so fun, it’s about 30 feet above the water.

You are in the cenote for about a half hour before they load you back up and take you back to the main building for lunch.  We were starving and they fed us well.  It’s all included, except for alcohol.  There is a bar that sells just about anything,  During lunch, they show you the pictures and videos that they took of your whole day.  You have the option to buy and there really was no pressure.  They also will make you a photo book of your best photos and ship it to your hotel (not available for Isla and Cozumel). We opted for the pictures and were very pleased.

Overall, it was a great day. They staff are beyond amazing and you don’t have to wonder why they are rated the #1 activity in the Cancun area year after year.


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