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Family or Couple Friendly Iberostar Cozumel All-Inclusive Resort

Family or Couple Friendly Iberostar Cozumel All-Inclusive Resort

We spent the last week of April at Iberostar Cozumel All-Inclusive Resort and had a fantastic time!













I tend to obsess a tad and researched for 6 months before booking this trip. I poured over countless reviews on TripAdvisor and several other websites. We looked at Cozumel, Cancun, Riviera Maya, several other islands, but I just kept coming back to this resort. We were looking for a romantic, relaxing getaway, not a party hotel. I loved the idea of the individual villas vs a big hotel. We loved the laid out rain forest feel of the resort and not feeling like we could be at any hotel in Florida. Here are some details that helped me out tremendously!


The resort is laid out in a tropical rainforest style with villas that have either 2, 4 or 8 rooms in them. To walk from the lobby to the beach take only about 5 minutes, so nothing is that far away. The pool area is noisier during the day and very quiet at night, whereas the lobby/lounge are is pretty quiet during the day and noisier at night. The dive center is located near the beach on the north side of the property. There are peacocks, iguanas, flamingos, parrots and an occasional cat that wander around and are all people friendly. The peacocks would pose for us pretty often.


Email them ahead of time and ask for the type of bed/room you want. We got exactly what we wanted. Almost…we thought we wanted upstairs based on the reviews, we got a lower level and loved it. We had room 8101, near the pool and will ask for it again next year. You didn’t have to contend with steps if you indulged in too much tequila and the upper level helps keep your room cool.

I came ready with a plug-in air freshener but didn’t really need it. Our room smelled fine despite the other reviews. The air worked well, it was clean and special thanks to Edgar, our housekeeper who did a fantastic job making cute towel animals, keeping our room immaculate and keeping our minibar well stocked.

There aren’t any dressers, but there is plenty of closet space and hangers, so we didn’t find this a problem. The bathrooms were large and clean and were scrubbed every day. There was a slight lack of water pressure and some variation between hot and cold while showering, but after talking with other people on the island, it happens at all the other resorts too. There is a flat screen TV in each room and a safe in the closet. They are small but hold the essentials, cell phones, cameras, wallets. Computers will not fit. Also, request a mattress topper, it makes a huge difference.



Breakfasts were our favorite. Fresh fruits, any kinds of eggs, fresh omelets, cereal, yogurt and so on. You name it, they had it. This is served in the main restaurant in the lobby.

Lunch is served by the pool. They always had a variety of food from pizza and french fries, chips, and pico to foods I couldn’t identify but ate and loved anyway.

Dinner-Many choices for dinner. On your first day make your reservations for the specialty restaurants. A 1 week stay will get you 2 reservations. We ate at the steak house and the Mexican place. The steak was unbelievable. We both got the filet and it was delicious. The Mexican restaurant was also very good. If these don’t interest you, you can eat at the buffet. There is always a variety and we never had a problem finding food. They have a different theme every night

On a side note, there is a fantastic seafood restaurant next door called Alberto’s. We ate there 2 nights. Pricey, but worth it.

Snacks-the lunch restaurant is open from 11 pm-5 am for cold snacks, we were never up late enough to try them out.


There are several bars to choose from here and no lack of alcohol. Once the wonderful bartenders that once they get to know you, make your drinks as you’re walking to the bar. Alfonso was hands down our favorite and Gaspar also took very good care of us.

Our favorite bar was the beach bar, it seemed to have the fastest service. We only went to the pool bar a few times because there seemed to always be a wait there. We didn’t find a problem with watered down drinks or low-quality alcohol. Juan was awesome at making fun shots with weird names!


There was a main pool with a swim-up bar where you can try scuba every day. Then, on the other side of the swim up bar, there is the activities pool with basketball hoops and a volleyball net. The star friends will jump in the pool and get games going several times a day and at 4:30 every day put on a mini show next to the pool, just one song, but I loved it. Next to that was a small wading pool or kids pool, there were maybe 3 kids there when we were there, all under 2. Then a large C-shaped shallow pool with lounge chairs in them where people loved to lay and get some sun.

The bartenders would come around and get your drinks, the peacocks kept you entertained and the star friends did a really nice job of getting people involved and entertaining people. The Star Friends would start games of beach volleyball, ping-pong, water sports, they would stop and chat with you. They really did an excellent job. They were always upbeat and they worked morning until night.

The resort has shows every night in the theater by the lobby. We only made it to one and it happened to be karaoke, which was so much fun. There was also a disco, which we did not make it to.

Water Sports

Dressel dive center is located on the Iberostar Cozumel All-Inclusive Resort property and handles all the water activities. You can snorkel, kayak or take out the Hobie cats for 1 hour per day each. There is a $2 fee per day per person to use the equipment. This is because the resort is located on state park property and is charged by the park, not the resort. The only way around this is to use your own snorkel equipment. We snorkeled twice along the beach and went out on a trip with Dressel 1 afternoon.

They have many options for you to choose from and spent a lot of time explaining things to us. We weren’t sure if we wanted to snorkel or learn to dive. They explained everything and didn’t push the most expensive option. We actually decided to get our dive certification at home and she agreed that this was the best option for us. The reefs are amazing and the guides make sure you see things in the water. Cozumel is known for its amazing diving no snorkeling. It’s on the Meso-American Reef, the second largest in the world


The beach is tricky. The sand is beautiful, but the water’s edge is a coral reef. Don’t plan on wading in here. You can swim if you walk out on the pier and walk down the ladder. It takes less than 1 minute. The water is a gorgeous blue. It’s perfect for snorkeling right at the water’s edge, perfect for kids.

We didn’t have any issue with sand fleas or mosquitoes and I spent almost every day on the beach. There are plenty of chairs and umbrellas for shade.


*They ask that they use biodegradable sunscreen in the ocean to keep the reefs clear. This sunscreen is pretty expensive on the island. It’s better to buy it ahead of time and take it with you.
*They do not sell ponytail holders or nail polish remover in the gift shop.
*There is no need to exchange your money for pesos. Just about everywhere accepts American dollars.
*The resort supplies not only towels for your room, but large blue beach towels. You can trade these in as many times as you want for fresh towels.
*Taxis sit at the resort and the bell boy can have you one in 30 seconds. A trip to town is $20. Fasten your seatbelt, thrills included…






We had a fantastic time at Iberostar Cozumel All-Inclusive Resort. I can’t think of a negative thing to complain about. The staff fall over each other to help you out and anytime we had a question, the front desk staff or guest services were more than happy to help us. I would recommend this to anyone looking to relax. I can’t wait for next year!!

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