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My Favorite Travel Blogs Right Now

I have been blogging for a little less than a year now and the biggest thing I’ve learned is that the blogging community can be some of the best friends.  Your regular friends may not get what you do or even why you do it, but your blogging friends do.

One of those friends and I decided to come up with a list of our favorite travel blogs.  Tara is the owner of Travel Plus Family, a family friendly travel blog.  We put together a list of our favorite blogs and would like to feature them.

The following is a list of my favorite travel blogs in no particular order!

  1. Exploring Curiously Travel Blog.

Exploring Curiously is a travel blog featuring locations all over the world the US. The American blogger has traveled to every state in her home country, and quite a bit internationally. On her blog, she shares tips on what to see and do in each destination, as well as photos she has taken while there. Interspersed in most posts are personal experiences shared with the reader. You will find information on such places as Hawaii, Oregon, Boston, Morocco, Peru, Denmark, and much more. In addition to writing about some of the more popular places to visit in any given destination, this blog will take you off the beaten track, inspiring you to see a place a little differently.

  1. Mandavi Jaiswal- owner of An Urban Nomadic

She is a die-hard romantic, self-confessed perfectionist, a really bad cook and hopefully a writer in the making !! She is a mom of two absolutely adorable kids, wife to a caring husband and daughter to the most loving parents. Mandavi writes about all good things in life!! With 9 years of corporate experience, two wonderful years as a startup co-founder, she has many interesting stories to tell. Read on!!

  1. April Berry- owner of Minivan Adventures

Hi, I’m April. In the Minivan Adventures blog, I share my favorite places, favorite reads, and favorite moments. Our family loves adventure so the main focus is on travel and family fun. Whether it’s a big adventure like a major cross-country road trip or a small one like a quick jaunt to a local hiking trail, our family aims to make these experiences meaningful and memorable (and often educational, too). Read about our family adventures online at

  1. Buzzed Nomad

Buzzed Nomad is a frequent traveler and wanderlust chaser, always on the hunt for unique places, people, food, and entertainment. Right now, I’m pretty much focused on hopping around Asia. There are so many cool places to see in just this region alone and I’ve only begun to scratch the surface.

  1. Patti and Matilda- owners of The Travel Sisters

Patti and Matilda have traveled to 40+ countries and 7 continents. On their blog, The Travel Sisters (, they share tales and tips from their travels and as well as travel hacking by earning miles and points.  Some of their many favorite travel memories include fulfilling their childhood dream of visiting Antarctica, trekking mountain gorillas in Rwanda and sand boarding in Namibia.

  1. Cristal Dyer- owner of Tofu Traveler

Tofu Traveler is a website focused on advice for vegetarian and vegan travelers as well as her journey trying to survive as a full-time traveler. Born in the Caribbean, Cristal currently calls Brisbane, Australia home. She’s been traveling since 2004, where she spent a year in South America, volunteering, learning to dive and speak Spanish and generally finding her travel feet. Find her at

  1. Priyadarshini Rajendran- owner of Glorious Sunrise

Glorious Sunrise is a travel and food focused blog by Priyadarshini Rajendran. She writes about beautiful destinations in South India with excellent tips for travelers. She is currently writing about gorgeous spots in California. The above picture is from Lake Tahoe. Find her at

  1. Chiera McLaughlin- owner of Young and Undecided

I started my blog in March 2016 when I had a few trips coming up, just to document my travels for myself to look back on. Then I fell in love with it, and the blogging community. Seeing people reading my posts and starting conversations was lovely. Now, a year and a half later, I mainly focus on sharing my own travel stories and destination guides and tips, as well as my Solo female travel guest series called Women Who Wander. The series allows other women to share their solo female travel stories – good or bad – which has proven to be incredibly empowering! In a few months, I’m moving to Australia for a Working Holiday. My next big adventure!

  1. Lila Taylor- owner of The Road School Rookie

The Road School Rookies are a road school family. That means we are a full-time RV living, home schooling, traveling family. My husband and I have 4 daughters who are our little miracles. My husband is a pipe fitter and we follow him EVERYWHERE.  This is our life. This is our adventure.

  1. Rebecca Chun- owner of RebMinLu Travel Blog

My name is Rebecca, but most people call me Reb for short. I am a travel blogger at originally from LA, but I have been living in Asia for the past 4 years exploring almost every country and culture in Asia.

  1. Divya Rai is a freelance food photographer who pens A Borrowed Backpack.

When she is not busy stuffing her face with all the deliciousness that comes her way. She has a special love for slow travel and off-beat destinations. She dreams of becoming a ceramist/potter with a small place of her own in the hills in near future. A Borrowed Backpack is a travelogue from India, telling tales from off-beat places. It is about untold places, people, and experiences waiting to happen. It also aims to nose-boop all the cats in the world someday. Find her at

  1. Queens of Virtue: Travel. Beauty. Style.

Travel. Beauty. Style. engages women through an empowered life of Travel. Leisure and Lifestyle. We seek real women, to offer real, mind, body soul’U’tions, we’re transformed into queens of virtue through storytelling and capturing memories. Join us as we explore and get culturally inspired. Travel. Beauty. Style is our gateway to connect.

Please show these bloggers some love for their hard work! I hope that you love them as much as I do! Stay tuned for Tara’s list next week!

Exciting news!

In doing this featured blogger post, we realized how much we enjoyed recognizing the work of others.  As such, we are proud to announce the Awesome Travel Blogger Award. Click here to read more about it find out how to enter!

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