Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Diving, cenotes and Isla Mujeres

Ahhhhhh, diving.  Is there anything more relaxing? We have had our Open Water for a year and were itching for the next level.  We did some research on dive shops in Isla and stumbled upon Aqua Adventures Eco Divers.  Once we met the owner, Jim Silver, we knew we had met a lifelong friend.

We were doing 6 dives with Jim, 5 of them being part of our Advanced Open Water certification and 1 for a bonus.  In addition, we were going over to the mainland, in Playa Aventuras to dive in a cenote.

The dive shop is centrally located and super easy to find.  Every person we met was amazing.  The were organized and ready when we got there 15 minutes early.  The first dive was to MUSA underwater exam.

The dive boat, getting started.

MUSA, the underwater museum between Isla and Cancun.

Then next dive was our deep/wreck dive.

We were only in the ship for about 15 minutes doing skills, so these were the only pictures we have, Jim was nice enough to take them!

And finally, our fun dive! Massive turtle! Awesome fish!


Chac Mool Cenote

So, on the morning of our cenote dive, we discovered that our camera was D.E.A.D.  Completely fried.  I was brokenhearted. We were on an island and on our way to a dive. there was no option to replace it.  When we got to the dive shop, Jim overheard us talking about it. He reached into his display case and handed us a camera. He said his only condition was to take some amazing pictures. We were speechless and so thankful.

We were sent to the ferry and met at the other side my Manta Dive shop in Cancun.  They drove us down to Playa Aventuras and the Chac Mool cenote. This was our first cenote and we were excited.

When we first saw the cenote, we were unimpressed.  We were expecting a huge cenote like we’d seen on every Mexican billboard.  We were briefed at the top and led down a set of cement stairs.

The stairs and the first view of the cenote.

Where on earth are we getting in at?

We were in the second group, the dive master only takes 4 divers at a time. the dive lasted about 40 minutes.  that gave us time to explore while the first group was in.

When it was our turn, we suited up and got another brief.  We were off.  The second we went under we were mesmerized.  It was absolutely the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.  The light reflected through the water was gorgeous.


I could post thousands because I think I took that many!! We explored around for a while before we popped up in a ‘room’ filled with air and lots of surprises.

We were able to pop up and remove our regulators.   He talked to us for a while and we all pondered how there was oxygen in this room.

The bottom of a stalactite.


A sobering reminder to BE CAREFUL!

The last picture before we surfaced.

We loved our cenote dive.  The dive shop was professional and provided lunch. They shipped us back to the ferry and we went back to Isla.


Xenotes Oasis Maya connects you with the nature enjoying of rappel, kayak, zip line in different cenotes. Playa del Carmen, Cancun

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35 thoughts on “Diving, cenotes and Isla Mujeres

  1. I can’t dive, but I love looking at these pictures and admiring all the views you get! I did swim in a Cenote when I visited Mexico last time, it is such a good experience!

  2. I am not a diver and I can tell you that I appreciate people like you. I enjoy the water, but there is no way I would ever get the photos that you are able to capture. I love the color that you found in the water, so beautiful!

  3. Is there anything more relaxing? I don’t know! Coz I’ve never dived so far! There, I said it!!! Too bad of me, right?
    Underwater museum and wrekage? Wow! That sounds so fascinating! The underwater life is so colorful indeed!
    So nice of Jim to give you his camera!!! You’ve taken some incredible shots!

  4. What beautiful shots of the underwater creatures and the cenote! I went snorkeling near Isla Mujeres and saw part of MUSA. I’ve never tried scuba diving but it looks like so much fun!

  5. What an amazing experience! I would love to visit Mexico and I have heard a lot about this island. Also, swimming in a cenote is on my bucket list. I don’t dive but I would love to snorkel in Mexico. I’m glad you guys got a replacement camera, I love the pictures!

  6. Jim sounds like an amazing guy! I’m so glad he loaned you a camera, because the shots you took are impressive. I love how the sun filters through the water. So dang pretty!!!

  7. I love your pictures! That was so nice of Jim to lend you his camera. One of my really good friends is a certified diver, and I’ve heard some pretty amazing stories and seen some pretty fantastic pictures {some of them like yours!}. I have been snorkeling before, but I don’t know if I’d be able to dive, complete in a suit, mask, and tank. I think I’d be scared of becoming claustrophobic while underwater!

    1. You need to try it!! I felt the same as you. It it really is so relaxing. You don’t think about all the stuff on you. The Cenote was a little claustrophobic at first, but then I didn’t really think about it. It’s so awesome!
      Jim has become a lifelong friend to us. Amazing guy!

  8. We’ve been diving since 2001 and have dived in many wonderful locations (mostly Egypt and Asia), but Mexico is still very high on our list. Your pictures of the cenote are stunning. That light, wow! Now, I really want to go to Mexico! 🙂

  9. You managed to capture some stunning pictures especially of the cenote. I have dived some of the others but wow, I now want to go back to visit this one! It really is an amazing experience.

  10. This is one of our favorite corners of the world! We have not yet been diving (we love to snorkel as a family) and I feel like I need to embark upon it on our next trip….if only to see that submerged Volkswagen that has become so famous! It is typical kindness of locals to lend the camera to you, I love that you were able to capture photos that day after all! The cenote shots are beautiful!

  11. Your photos are stunning! It looks like you guys had a wonderful time! My son was super excited to find a tire in our lake last Summer. I can’t wait to show him the photos of you guys finding a car!! He is going to love it! Thanks for sharing!

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