Open Water Certification

How to get your PADI Open Water Certification on vacation

  1. Research reputable dive shops as far out from your trip as you can (preferably greater than 6 months).
  2. Once you have a dive shop in mind, go to PADI’s eLearning website and sign up for an account.
  3. Choose the Open Water option and follow the instructions.
  4. Complete the course. This is not a course you can (or should) do in one day. Leave yourself time.
  5. Book your pool and open water dives with your chosen dive shop. Some dive shops will offer a discount for booking before arrival, so check this out.
  6. Once you have completed the course, print out your certificate and download the medical form.
  7. Take your medical form to your physician and have it filled out. This is SO important. Dive shops will not allow you to dive if you have any medical condition and this form is not completed. Not a huge problem if you’re in the US, but causes issues out of the country.
  8. Go have 2 passport size photos taken.
  9. Get ready for you trip! Make sure you have photo ID, your printed certificate, completed medical form, passport photo, and biodegradable sunscreen.
  10. When you get to your destination, check in, get comfy then visit the dive shop.
  11. Make your final arraignments for your pool and open water dives.
  12. Get a good night sleep the night before you start and avoid alcohol.
  13. HAVE FUN!
  14. Post you pictures on Love Laugh Caribbean’s Facebook page!


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