Horseback riding in St. Lucia, St. Lucia

Horseback riding on the beach and in the ocean in St. Lucia

One of the top things to do in St. Lucia is ride horses on the beach. This was something we both wanted to do.  I did excessive research and decided to go with Trim’s National Riding Academy. I contacted them twice before we left with no response, so I was a little leery.  When we got to our resort, we were able to book directly through them, fo an additional fee.  We asked and they assured us that they were the best.

The day of our tour, the driver arrived early and we were waiting.  In addition to the 2 of us, there were 2 brothers also going.  It was about a 10-minute ride to the stables.  We were greeted by Mr. Trim himself. He was very polite and quickly showed us around. We lucked out and were the only 4 on the tour that session.  We were told to wear our bathing suits under our clothes, which we had and to please leave all other belongings with the staff (the Trim family). I will admit, this made me slightly nervous.  We were told they would not be locked up but would be watched by the family.  I took my camera and 2 towels with us and left our belongings with them.  We had only brought money for tipping in a small purse, so we wouldn’t have lost much.

Everyone was asked about riding experience and the boys that had none were briefed and saddled up first. We were given our horses and off we went.  We had a fantastic guide named Dennis who was out of this world fantastic. We were led down a beautiful path through stunning landscape. It seemed as though we were going in circles until the trees opened up and we saw the beach.

The beach was stunning. It was a little windy there and there were small waves and the palm trees were swaying.  We rode down the beach for a while before stopping at a small area with a shop and some picnic tables. Dennis told us he would take us in pairs into the water with the horses. We let the boys go first and we sat and relaxed under a palm tree.  There was a guy selling coconuts at a stand next to us.  He offered us some coconuts which we declined because our money was back in the stable.  He assured us that it was no problem, we could give the money to Dennis and he would get it to him.  It was $2 for 2 coconuts, so we said ok.  These were not your normal coconuts.  I am used to the dried hard, brown coconuts.  These were still green, full of water and had soft flesh inside.  I could have eaten a tree full.

It was our turn to ride! We stripped down to our bathing suits and jumped on the horses. Dennis led us into the water. Unfortunately, it was low tide, so the horses couldn’t actually swim, but it was still awesome. Dennis became our semi-professional photographer posing us here and there for the perfect shot (which I proceeded to lose when my external hard drive died).  We had an amazing time in the water with the horses.

Not us, the other group, but you get the idea.

After drying off and resting the horses, we saddled back up and started back to the stable.  Dennis took us back a different route and this time we got to see part of the little town. Dennis decided to do some tricks on the horses on the way back, he stood on the saddle and even did a handstand (picture would be super nice here..) and truly made out trip enjoyable.

We arrived back at the stables, dismounted and said goodbye to the horses. We were promptly handed back all of our things, we tipped Dennis well and included a few extra dollars for the coconut guy.  The driver took us back to the hotel.

All in all, it was a wonderful excursion. Some recommendations- try to look at the tide schedule before you book, this would have been really helpful to know; wear shorts with pockets for some cash and don’t take anything with you except a towel.


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