St. Lucia, St. Lucia's picturesque towns

Exploring the picturesque towns of St. Lucia with our guide Nickey.

We hired our driver Nickey for the day to explore the island.  We asked him to show us all of his favorite spots.  He picked us up at our resort at 8 am cheerful and ready to go.  He showed us the back of his van, he had it filled with bottles of water, cokes, the islands’ signature run, Bounty Rum, fruit and lots of snacks. Our first stop was Castries, the capital city.  Nicky took us through the city, which had some ‘traffic’ heading to work.  He drove us through quickly, telling us that the best views were from the top of a nearby mountain.

The cruise ship dock, both were leaving that day.

The main part of the town.  From this view, Nickey said that most days you are able to see Martinique, the island just to the north. We were able to see it in the distance, but it didn’t turn out well on photos.

At the lookout point, there were lots of stands selling handcrafted items.  Nickey had told us that morning that if we wanted to buy, he’d tell us where we’d get the best deals. This was not the place.  We politely said no and they left us alone.

Our next stop was to Anse Cochon Beach. Ti Kaye resort is located here. It’s a small, quiet and that early in the morning, deserted. We stayed for a while and moved on to our next stop.

We arrived at Anse La Raye about 20 minutes later. Anse La Raye is a small fishing with friendly locals. We parked right near the dock and got out to explore.


A view from the street and our driver Nickey grabbing some drinks.

View from the small pier and the beach on each side.

A few small fishing boats. We could have stayed here all day and watched the activity. The fishermen were bringing in their fish, the women were helping once they were on land and even the kids too young for school were helping their parents.

We left there and were headed to Soufriere.  On the way, we passed a lookout spot where we could see the town of Canaries. It was a pretty little town with really colorful houses.

Continuing on our journey to Soufriere, we saw a guy on the side of the road with a huge boa. Nickey asked if we wanted to stop and see it, we said sure. He introduced us to his wife and baby, and the snake, who’s name escapes me. Then he asked if we wanted to hold it. I am not the biggest fan of snakes, but they don’t bother me either. So, I said yes.

The snake was sweet, Jim was not impressed. We finally got to Soufriere, one of the prettiest towns in St. Lucia.

A beautiful park area outside on the waterfront. There were lots of places to sit and walk.

While we were here we had lunch. Nickey said he’d take us to one of his favorite places o the island. It was a small, delicious restaurant on a side street that we would have missed if we weren’t with him.


I’m not sure what we ate, but the food was amazing. Nickey ordered us his favorite meal. The woman that owned it came and spoke with us, made sure we liked it and made sure we were happy.

We left lunch and were headed to the Pitons, waterfalls, and volcanos. On the way, we took some shots of Soufriere from near the Piton observation area.[clickToTweet tweet=”The picturesque towns of St. Lucia” quote=”A day exploring St. Lucia.”]

We headed back home and as promised, stopped at the markets in Castries.  This was such a cool place. There were street vendors as well as bigger indoor shops.  I brought home some of the most amazing vanilla. One was straight vanilla and the other was a vanilla/banana mix.  We also got fruit, dresses for the girls and some souvenirs. Prices were negotiable, but they were already so good, that it wasn’t really necessary.

We loved our tour of St. Lucia. Please see my other posts containing the pitons, waterfalls, and volcano.


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