Flying with Kids

Easy tips for flying with kids

1. Check airlines for special fares for infants.
2. Pack a bag of wet wipes, snacks, iPad, extra clothes, diapers, and medicine.
3. If you have a sick or fussy baby, a note in a small bag of candy can do wonders for preparing fellow passengers ahead of time.
4. Check in early. Most airlines will allow families to board early and get settled (allowing you to hand out your notes as people board).
5. Let each child pack a carry-on filled with things to do (backpacks work well).
6. Let the kids be part of the planning.
7. Pick a destination that has things for all age groups to do.
8. Let each child choose an activity (within your budget).
9. Forget spontaneity. Plan all stops, hotels, activities ahead of time.
10. Things like an extra bag check in customs can cause fear in school age kids; prep them ahead of time.
11. Allow extra time for their jet lag. Make day one of your trip low key and relaxing.
12. Pack each day’s outfit in a zip lock bag. Kids can grab a bag and get dressed. This eliminates clothing decisions and gives you extra bags to take home dirty or wet clothes. - Unique Tools for Frequent Flyers

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