Disney, Magic Kingdom

Disney’s Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom was overall our favorite park.  The magic for the kids and the joy we saw on their faces was priceless.  Plan on spending a good 2 days here to see everything.  I had my laminated itinerary telling us exactly what order to ride on rides in to get the most our of our experience.  Yeah, we didn’t follow it…I had good intentions, but with 5 people and 5 different opinions, we just did what we wanted and it worked well.  I do recommend breaking up the park into 2 different days. That alleviates having to run back and forth all over the park.

We stood in line forever to see the princesses and it was worth it.  Tinkerbell, Sleeping Beauty and Ariel were there.  They were all very sweet with the girls, spoke with them and signed their books. My favorite thing about this was the guide that took us in the room to see Tinkerbell explained that when we walk through the door we would all shrink down to the size of a fairy. The older too knew the truth, but the youngest was mesmerized this for months after we went.


Many many different places you can take pictures with the castle.  Getting there early is the best way.  Make breakfast reservations before the park opens. I don’t recommend going to the parks on the days they have the Extra Magic hours.  The hour doesn’t make a difference in your day and that park is so much more crowded those days.  We looked at their schedule and went to the parks on the days they didn’t have extra hours.

The Crystal Palace. Our absolute favorite restaurant.  Our youngest was obsessed with Pooh, so this was perfect for her.  The food was amazing and the character interaction was the highest of any place we went to.

A little trip to Tom Sawyer’s Island and my favorite part of the park!

A rare picture of the boys.

We popped inside Cinderella’s Castle for some pictures and the girls goofing off in It’s a Small World.


The Magic Kingdom was by far the BEST of Disney World. Get a spot by the castle early on for best viewing.  We spent our last night here and both girls left crying. Disney is truly a magical place for both kids and parents. My son, who thought he was too old for Disney was proved very wrong.


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2 thoughts on “Disney’s Magic Kingdom

    1. Magic Kingdom was by far our favorite. You need two days here as well! The poor girls cried their eyes out as we were leaving our last night. It still breaks my heart, but I’m so glad they had that much fun.

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