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Disney’s Epcot

We loved our two days at Epcot. The kids enjoyed both the rides and the tour around the world.  This is definitely a park that requires 2+ days to visit.  My advice, spend one day riding and another day eating your way through the different countries; or spend the morning riding and the afternoon eating and exploring. This park is very futuristic.  In the center of the park are the center of learning and exploration.  The kids get to go in here and use their brains and the parents get our of the heat.  My older daughter and I designed a roller coaster, then got to try it ours in a simulation center.  Super cool!

By far, my kids’ favorite rides were Soaring and Expedition Mars. I recommend getting to Soaring early as the line builds up fast, even with a fast pass.


Lunch stop- The Coral Reef restaurant! Excellent food with cool views of a giant coral reef in a tank surrounding the tables.

The view from our table. The only bad ting about traveling with 5, the close tables are for 4 only.

The first stop in the tour of the worlds was England.  The youngest was in love with Pooh and we needed to make sure we saw him.  Even getting there as it was opening, there was already a line. The characters were wonderful and spent a decent amount of time with the kids.



Mexico. We didn’t realize until the second day there, but there is a ride in the main building of every country.

Norway was our favorite.  The ride was fun and the educational center was really cool.

Japan and China were both really beautiful.

The German restaurant in Germany.  Family style seating with LOTS going on around you. True delicious German food, my kids ate A LOT of dessert for dinner that night!


It was a very busy place with lots going on.  They have shows on the stage and there are people everywhere. It was a good experience, just not our cup of tea.


Epcot quickly became our kids’ favorite park. Next up, Magic Kingdom!

Goodnight Epcot!


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2 thoughts on “Disney’s Epcot

  1. Epcot was my favorite park as a kid and I can’t wait to share it with my daughter! She is really excited about seeing the “big ball.”

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