Cozumel, Iberostar, Mexico

Cozumel 2013

We love Iberostar.  We were back here for the second time in a row.  This year we were diving as well. See here for detailed info.

This year, we altered how we got to the resort.  We learned a little tip on Trip Advisor that recommended that instead of grabbing the shared bus at the airport, take a little walk a grab a cab.  What we did was leave the airport, once we were outside, we followed the sidewalk to the right, it takes you on the circle that is in front of the airport.  We walked maybe a 10th of a mile, crossed the street and there were several cabs waiting.  We grabbed the first one that made it to us and hopped in.  We told him where we wanted to go and agreed on a price (I believe at the time it was $30 USD total). Off we went; we were at the resort in about 30 minutes; much better than the hour it took on the shared bus and half the cost.

When leaving the airport, you will want to walk until you see this sign; cross the street and the cabs will be right there.

We arrived at Iberostar and were immediately greeted and checked in.  They do treat returning customers well, we booked the same type of room as last year and were given an ocean view room near the dive shop. This year we were on the top floor.

Our bungalow                                               View from the deck

One helpful hint is to ask for a bed topper, the beds are new and hard, the bed topper made a huge difference for us. We were happy with our room, it was in a great location for early morning dives and the lunch restaurant.

Some views of the resort.


We met some great people here this year, one of which informed us that the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders were there for the week doing their calendar photo shoot.  I was unimpressed, but Jim was all in!

This year, we rented a jeep from the resort and drove around the back side of the island.  It’s mostly undeveloped with only a few beach bars and fruit and souvenir stands.

This was at Rasta’s beach bar.  THE BEST mojito on the island and beautiful views.

An empty beach that looked like a Kenny Chesney video.

Coconuts bar.  It sits on top of a cliff with the most spectacular views on the island. The food was great, I highly recommend the ceviche.  The drinks were strong, people were friendly and the view was unbeatable.

We spent a few hours on this side of the island. It’s impossible to get lost, the road around the island goes in a large circle, just follow it and you’ll be fine.  Word of advice, there are no gas stations on this side.  The gas stations are located near the ferry and in town.  If you have a full tank, you’ll have plenty for the day.

This first picture shows where the resorts are on the west side of the island, the second picture highlights the read that you dive on.

We stopped at the San Gervasio ruins for a quick tour, that we turned into a 2-hour exploration.  These are a smaller set of ruins located in the center of the island. We paid $20 for a tour guide that made it so much better.


We went to Margaritaville and had a drink, topped off the jeep with gas and headed back to the resort.


Of course we went to Alberto’s Beach bar again.  Dinner platter for two.  Amazing, amazing, amazing.

Alberto’s from the pier.

We had another amazing trip and can’t wait to go back.




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