The Awesome Travel Blogger Award

The Awesome Travel Blogger Award

The Awesome Travel Blogger Award is our way of publicly recognizing some amazing travel bloggers! These travel bloggers not only provide excellent content, informative destination guides and reviews, and breathtaking photographs, they also demonstrate their personal support within the travel blogger community.

Each month, we will be awarding one blogger the Awesome Travel Blogger Award. Nominated bloggers will need to provide a brief write-up and answer a few questions about themselves and their blog. A snippet of this will be featured on both Love Laugh Caribbean’s and Travel Plus Family’s blogs with a direct link to the blogger’s site. We will also recognize the blogger on our social media channels. We will also encourage all future nominees to share on their social channels as well. This award provides an excellent way for travel bloggers to gain additional visibility. 


1. You must be a member of our Facebook group Awesome Travel Bloggers.

2. You must subscribe to both Travel Plus Family and Love Laugh Caribbean’s blogs.

3. You must follow us on all social media accounts.


Please send nominations for either yourself or a fellow blogger to We will publish the month’s winner on the first Friday of every month. We look forward to your nominations!

Michele and Tara