About Love Laugh Caribbean


About Love Laugh Caribbean

My name is Michele. Jim have both been nurses for the past 19 years. We started our careers as ICU nurses at Children’s Hospital and both work as flight nurses. We started Love Laugh Caribbean as a way to document our travels for our kids.

All of us love adventure, scuba diving and spending time with our family. Our family is blended, I have 2 kids, Zack and Madi and Jim has 1, Holly. We all love to travel and spend time exploring new places.

What we love

We love family friendly travel, but we also like to escape away for some alone time when we can. Our travels started in Cozumel, a place my parents have gone for decades. We fell in love and went back the following year. Since that year, we decided to explore a little. We’ve been to several places in Mexico and have been as far south as St. Lucia.

We both want to instill a love for our planet in our kids. We turn every vacation into a fun learning experience with a quick history lesson, fun exploration, an appreciation of a different culture or learning a new hobby. All of us love spending time outside, in the water and under the water. Jim, Madi and I are all certified scuba divers. Holly is itching to be old enough, and Zack is still undecided.

We don’t break the bank when traveling but we also keep in mind that kids are only young once; giving them the best experiences as possible before they leave home is so important! We firmly believe that experiences are better than things.

What we promise

Thank you again for taking the time to get to know us. We hope you love Love Laugh Caribbean as much as we do! Join our mailing list to stay on top of our latest trips! (I hate spam as much as you do and promise never to sell or trade your information or inundate you with mail every day!)

Occasionally you will see links to products or companies in my posts.  I fully endorse what I post and have tried every product or been to the resort/hotel. I do receive a tiny commission from them while passing on discounts to you.

Have a fantastic day!

~Michele, Jim, Zack, Madi and Holly