St. Lucia, Volcanos and Waterfalls

A peek at Toraille Waterfall and St. Lucia’s Drive thru volcano.

We spent the day exploring St. Lucia with our driver Nickey. We asked him to take us to all of his favorite locations on the island, places tourists don’t normally go to. He showed us a few places, then insisted that we do these tourist attractions. We were so glad we did.

Toraille Waterfall

Toraille Waterfall is located near Soufriere on the south end of the island. It’s easy to find as it is very well marked with signs.

We arrived, paid the entrance fee, I think it was $2 USD. There is a stand with crafts, souvenirs and of course, rum. We looked quickly and decided to save it for after the waterfall.  The area is very clean with lots of places to sit and look around. There are changing rooms if you’re not already in your bathing suit. People were friendly and took turns taking pictures for the couples and families in the water. Make no mistake, this waterfall is ICY cold.  The falls drop about 50 feet, so the ice cold water pounds on your head. Everyone was having fun though and it was a beautiful site.

The souvenir stand.

The entrance and changing areas.

The falls. Our pictures of us under the falls were terrible! We stayed for a while and decided it was time to go warm up at Sulfur Springs!

St. Lucia’s Drive thru Volcano

St. Lucia still has one active volcano on the island. It’s small and dormant but continuously emits sulfur gasses. It’s called a drive-thru volcano because the road drives right through the center. The smell of rotten eggs is everywhere! They have an option to do a tour for a nominal amount of money. We chose to do it. They take you down some steps and up a whole bunch more. You get to see the stream that leads to the actual springs on the left and the volcano to your right.  Our guide was great. She told us the history and lots of fun facts. Visitors used to be allowed to walk over the center crater which is only covered in a thin crust. But years ago, there was an accident; one of the guides fell in and now visitors stay behind the well-built fence.


The island is covered with nut trees. All around the volcano are cashew trees. Our guide explained the process of the cashew going from the tree to the finished product.  It takes years!

After the volcano, we went across and down the road to the sulfur springs. The sulfur springs are a creek filled with hot water, mud and sulfur leading down into a natural hot tub. The smell was a little diluted here (or we were just used to it). Nickey told us that the locals come here to relieve arthritis, headaches, skin infections, sunburn, bug bites and more. Jim was covered in mosquito bites, so he was hoping for relief.


We had a blast here. The water was HOT and the sulfur was smelly. The mud dried quickly and we eased ourselves into the hot tub, and I mean eased.  It took us about 15 minutes to get all the way in.

Our skin afterward was so soft; my hair felt amazing and Jim’s mosquito bites were no longer itchy.  I think the locals have a good thing going here!

We loved our day exploring St. Lucia. See the first part of our day here.


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