Common Travel Mistakes

10 Common Travel Mistakes to Avoid

Often, booking on a third party site will cost you more than going straight to the airline/hotel/resort/activity.
2. If you have the time, book your trip yourself.
The internet makes it really easy to put together packages. Travel agents are great for multi-country/multi-city packages, save some money, do the rest yourself.
3. Use credit cards wisely.
There are many credit cards that can help you build up points/miles/rewards and fee airfare or hotel rooms. Please use them wisely, pay them off to avoid interest fees.
4. Plan an itinerary.
It helps to have activities and excursions booked ahead of time. Some companies offer a pre-booking discount; take advantage of this. Having things taken care of before you leaves makes for a stress-free vacation.
5. Use the currency of the country that you’re in.
Many countries will accept USD/CAN/EUR but you will get a better price using the native currency and you make the local’s lives easier.
6. Research the place you’re going on online forums.
TripAdvisor, Facebook groups, and travel bloggers can be huge sources of local information. Do research to find the best local places to visit on your trip.
7. Chat with the locals.
Friendly locals will tell you the best places to go and the places you should avoid.
8. Following the customs of the country.
Never assume your country’s customs are accepted everywhere. Be courteous and respectful of the country’s customs; avoid making potentially disastrous faux pas.
9. Allow for jetlag.
Everyone wants to make the most out of their vacation, but not taking the first day to adjust to the time zone will make you tired and miserable the rest of your trip. Plan an easy, relaxing first day.
10. Go during the low season.
Going during the low season let you get a glimpse of what the destination is really like. There will be fewer tourists and more locals allowing you to fully experience the place. It also helps you save tons of money.

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